Are we obligated by bestowals?

Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! With the previous article ” Is someone’s lark an indignation”, I achieved the intended quintet articles! But this was not possible without my  readers. (You  are special to me! ) THANK YOU! So I start with my new article on our strata of mindset. Everyone of us is gifted with different levels […]

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Perennial headache of exams

     Hello guys! After writing the procrastinating web I actually procrastinated a lot of things and it actually went wrong! So never procrastinate your work! For details go through “The procrastination web” 😉    Exams!! The definition goes like this – a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge. But except for few […]

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The Procrastination web

Well hello again! Procrastination as defined by Farlex dictionary:- The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness. Time , an invisible collection of wealth “if used constructively”. How often do we hear “I was not able to complete my task because of shortage of time” ,” Sorry dude […]

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