Second Chance…….. Stop right there, fellas! I know what you are thinking. I hate to break it to you, but I am not writing this article to beg for a second chance from anyone! Ewww! that would be creepy. Let’s not digress from the topic and focus on an important aspect of our lives, the […]

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75 in 25

Hello, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well! It has been long since I wrote something over here, however, the 25th birthday is too special to miss. Those of you who know me personally would know that I talk to a lot of people, a variety of people. A few of them […]

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Arcane Passport!

Hey folks! How’s it going? So as we look to close on the chapter on 2017, let me share the solution of the labyrinth which every one of us finds troublesome. It may or may not be the perfect key, but it definitely alleviates the problem to a large extent! This interesting fact is experienced […]

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Inaugural Vocation

    Hello everyone i hope you guys are doing good! Its been almost a couple of years i haven’t tried at blogging; do you want to know the reason? well meet my engineering project partners! Once you meet them, you’ll understand a new heterogeneous mixture of 7 deadly types of sins(Acedia & Luxuria contributing […]

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Are we obligated by bestowals?

Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! With the previous article ” Is someone’s lark an indignation”, I achieved the intended quintet articles! But this was not possible without my  readers. (You  are special to me! ) THANK YOU! So I start with my new article on our strata of mindset. Everyone of us is gifted with different levels […]

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Perennial headache of exams

     Hello guys! After writing the procrastinating web I actually procrastinated a lot of things and it actually went wrong! So never procrastinate your work! For details go through “The procrastination web” 😉    Exams!! The definition goes like this – a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge. But except for few […]

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